Imagine for a moment that you’re a child… You wake up on the morning of your birthday but there’s no excitement… there will be no birthday presents- nothing, not one little thing, not even a candy bar. There will be no birthday cake. There will be no birthday hugs or wishes or special attention of any kind. For you, it’s just another day in your life. How heartbreaking is that?!

The good news is that we’re working with local guidance counselors, teachers and physicians to find these children and bring you their stories.  We believe that every child deserves to know they are loved and celebrated at least one day each year!

Not all of these children have parents who could care less about them. Some have parents who just can’t afford a gift. When the choice is food or a birthday gift, basic necessities take precedence. Regardless of the reasons, the one common denominator is that these are the kids who will receive nothing on their birthday without our help. Now, you will have a chance to be their birthday fairy and let them know that they are special!

One other fun feature is that you can search by date to choose a child to help sponsor. Perhaps you wish to send a gift to a child as a way of celebrating your own birthday (or your child’s or in memory of someone who has passed)…whatever your reason, you can search by birth month to find a child.

We need to mention that while ALL the stories are true, often the names have been changed. Due to HIPA guidelines and for the safety of the children, we are not allowed to share the names of any of the children without permission from their parent or guardian. Often, BluFairy does not know the real name of the child. We know statistics and we deliver the gift to the coordinating counselor, teacher or physician. We only work with people we know and trust. That way, we can be sure that we are bringing you the children who truly need to be touched by a fairy.